Reading log

This reading log will consist of 18 books. The first 8 books should all be posted by 3/2/2017. This log will consist of Title:
Illustrator: (If none, delete this line.)
Publisher: (Provide a hot link to the publisher’s page for the book and include an image of the book’s cover.) Publication Year:
Professional Source: Where did I hear/read/learned about this book? Genre (and subcategory, if appropriate): (Choose from the categories that follow.)
Audiences of both children and Young Adults, it will be mixed kind of as I go through the books. 
Critical Response: (approximately 250-325) Use course texts/notes within your response. Please leave comments on some things I did well and should fix up for the next 8 reading log I post. It can literally be about grammar, sentence structures, rewards, anything. Thank You!!


P.s I also use a site called wattpad as part of the books that I review. This site is a site where anyone can publish their works for anyone to see. The people on this site is mostly teenagers writing for other teenagers. Check it out if you’re interested!


2 thoughts on “Reading log”

  1. Hey Mia, overall your book review offers an interesting and very diverse insight into children’s and young adult literature. I like how you think about pleasure and unpleasure in all of your reading logs and thereby create a common aspect to compare the diverse books by. You also include the cultural history of the works, which adds to the dpth of your review. Thee books you have chosen deal with personal development and emotion and you explain why it would be an asset for young readers to pick those books up. I enjoyed the background information on John Green and your choice of two of his works. I could follow your train of thought well, since I am working with Green for my author study and your reviews have raised some interesting questions for me. To improve your reading logs, try to proof-read to make your points clearer to the reader and maybe include more theoretical aspects from class. You can talk about Realism very well with the John Green books and also think about censorship (his books were criticized for being openly sexual) and gender (Green calls himself a feminist and usually portrays strong female characters). With the Fiction picture book, I would have been interested in hearing about the pictures and use of color more, since it seems to play such a crucial role in the plot.

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  2. I loved the set up your website! It was super easy to easy find the different genres! Overall I thought that your reviews provided a very unique look into the books that you read, I have read the John Green books and it was really interesting to read what you thought of them. I thought that you made really good selections in book to review and that there was a lot of thought put into them. I also really liked that at the end of each review you said overall whether or not you would recommend this book to others, I thought that this was very helpful!

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